Friday, October 19, 2012


Colours and their significance to our psychology:

It is natural form of daylight and helps the mind to be open, clear and receptive. But white is not good when one is feeling isolated. The majority of Chinese do not consider white as a good colour.

Red is traditional but also trendy, an attention grabber. Dark and deep reds tend to over-stimulate and agitate but helps with cold hands and feet.

The colour of spring, sunshine and joy and hope. But bright sharp yellows are tiring and can trigger migraine as well as travel sickness. For a room with less sunlight, yellow makes a good substitute to brighten up the space.

Dark greens assist blood circulation and help concentration. Pale greens are soothing with anti-stress qualities. They promote an even and steady heart rhythm and harmony. Green is the colour of sustainability.

Tranquility, sophistication as well as peace. It is the most popular colour used in home decoration. Pale blues are known to be cooling and promote restfulness.

Source: NST Online

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