Thursday, October 25, 2012

Braun Büffel

A carefree spirit is apparent in the latest Braun Büffel collection.
THE latest collection from Braun Büffel presents an upbeat and playful vibe to capture the celebratory mood of its 125th anniversary.
Its Autumn/Winter ad campaign – set in a city’s night landscape – features an attractive couple holding hands with a carefree attitude.
For the uninitiated, the brand has built its reputation over the last century as a designer and producer of top quality leather goods and accessories.
Its women’s collection, Lustre, leads the pack to portray a sense of lightness that fuses classic Braun Büffel elements with a modern spirit.
While Lustre is cast in metallic gold or bronze hue creating an illuminated glow, the other collections are a mix of classic elegance and sophistication. From glamorous black to rich browns, midnight blue to dark violet and rose to soft beige, the collections exude a dramatic yet effortless personality.
The men’s collections are fuelled by confidence and sensuality. Taking on a colour theme based on refined black, brown and grey, every collection is framed by light material and innovative details. Textural details add depth as seen in the Spyder range, with its soft structure
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