Monday, April 22, 2013

Tips on Choosing a Good Wallpaper

If you are new to paperhanging, here are some characteristics to look for:
High-quality, machine-printed,pretrimmed papers tend to be the most problem-free. Flocked and foil papers or wallpapers with selvage edges that must be trimmed on the job are challenges better left to professionals your first time around.

Patterns that are “straight” are easier to hang than “dropped” patterns. Straight patterns are so called because neighboring panels meet in a straight line, so they require little extra figuring when you cut and hang them. Dropped patterns have design repeats that are meant to be matched panel to panel, a somewhat more difficult calculation to measure. Dropped patterns also require more paper to compensate for the matching.

Small-scaled overall patterns tend to camouflage uneven surfaces. But striped, shiny, and solid wallcoverings are best reserved for very smooth, perfectly plumb walls.

Matching pattern scale to room size is also critical. Too large a pattern in a small room can be oppressive; too small a pattern will be lost in a large room. Bring home samples of wallpaper or wallpaper books to see what patterns work best for your purposes. View them in both natural and artificial light.

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  3. menarik kalau letak wallpaper kan :)

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