Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kitchen Organizers

Kitchen Organizers by Martha Steward

Kitchen Helper
Clear up the clutter and make the most of your countertops by using a cake stand to hold olive oil, salt, pepper, and other frequently used seasonings. The stand makes it easy to find and use these ingredients while you cook, and gives you space to arrange other herbs and spices around the base of the pedestal.

Stoveside Organizer
Whether you use one crock or several, it's wise to have essential tools in arm's reach when you're at the stove. A cart provides storage where you need it

Kitchen Baskets and Bins
Corral items on open shelves using nice-looking containers. These baskets add warmth and texture to the room; the gray trays are simple and stylish. Add adhesive pads on the bottom so they slide smoothly.

Sink Basin
When washing dishes, use a plastic bin for soaking or soaping to save water. The plastic is also more forgiving than a hard sink should you drop a dish. When you're washing a lot of very fragile items by hand, such as crystal stemware, lining the sink with a terry towel also does the trick. Keep dish soap in a clear plastic pump bottle by the sink.

Hanging Rack
Using a rack will save so much space in your cabinets -- and make your pots and pans easier to find


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