Monday, April 29, 2013

Malaysia's First Motion Sensor Grand Musical Stairs

Constructed in a little more than 13 weeks at a cost of RM 1.5 million, the Grand Musical Staircase was conceptualized with an architecture marvel in mind and was endorsed and certified by the Malaysia Book of Records as a first of its kind in the country.

In the past years, Berjaya Times Square had been researching for ways to accommodate the growing traffic between Ground Floor and Lower Ground Floor in a musically fun way. And after weeks of working on the concept, the Management was leaning towards a grand structure based on 3 keywords which are synonymous with the Berjaya Times Square brand: ‘Creative, Energetic and Comprehensive’.

Recently certified by the Malaysian Book of Records as a first in Malaysia, the Grand Musical Staircase is vibrantly lit in dancing LED sound graphs and is designed to resemble a classical piano keyboard right down to its actual chords. Though, do not be fooled by its presentation as apart from the piano, there are percussion, kalimba and piccolo notes embedded to give the Grand Musical Staircase 4 different sounds.

nota kaki :- Suki sempat ler bermain2 dengan musical stairs dan motion sensor di situ..terlupa yg diri sudah dewasa..mmg sape2 pun yg ke situ kembali ke zaman kanak2..hehehe..yg lagi best bila tgk gelagat yg org tak sengaja terpijak situ..diaorg kebanyakannya terkejut..:)


  1. hehe..xpernah try lagi..dah lama xsinggah berjaya times square

  2. apa lagi..1 Mei ni cuti..hehehe..boleh ler try

  3. jom yaya main piano dgn kaki..boleh exercise sekali... :)