Monday, April 29, 2013

Chargeable SMS Spam by Unscrupulous Content Providers

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The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is collaborating with industry players to stop the transmission of unsolicited but chargeable SMS or content by unscrupulous content providers. 

Members of the public are reminded to stay alert at possible attempts by a few content providers to deceive users into subscribing to the said content. Their various modus operandi are: 

1. Using malware or virus to send automatic content subscription to the phone, for example: Samsung Content Update. Please update V1234567 

2. Pushing links such as phone updates, free adult video and free phone antivirus, for example: 
[Free] Antivirus! 
[Free] Rahsia +18 

3. Conduct marketing activities through SMS with misleading content, for example: 
(a) RM0.00 kepada nombor 0193004788: diminta terima servis SMS mobile content baru segera. Taip ON KV ke 32626 untuk daftar service terbaru tanpa caj. Output 

(b) RM0.00 Servis SMS Content update kepada 0168152909. Sila SMS ON N2 ke 37744 untuk mulakan SMS ini segera! Pendaftaran wajib.

(c) RM0.00 Tetapan mobile servis 3GP anda telah tamat. Taip ON DK hantar ke 39918 untuk aktifkan semula. Tiada caj pendaftaran. Output 0379666519 

4. Conduct marketing through the Internet, for example through pop-up screens with misleading service mechanics. 

Members of the public are urged take extra precaution as listed below: 

1. Treat mobile phones, especially smartphones in the same manner as desktop/personal computers, in terms of security. 

2. Stick to reputable application stores for downloads. 

3. Think before clicking on in-application advertisements or notification messages. 

4. Read the fine print regarding subscription and charges. 

5. Do not send or click on the Registration Keywords, for example, REG, REGISTER, ON and DAFTAR if you do not want to subscribe to the content. 

6. Always beware of offers or promotions which are too good to be true. 

7. Regularly check phone bills or credit balance. 

8. Immediately lodge a complaint if you find that you were charged for unsolicited messages 

or SMS in your phone bill. 

9. If you receive any unsolicited SMS messages, terminate the service by sending the following keywords to the short code: 

STOP<service keyword>
BATAL<service keyword>

For more information, please contact:
HOTLINE : 18 00 88 83 33

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