Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Is it Healthy to Drink Hot Water?

The regular drinking of hot water can provide many health benefits, including improved digestive health and weight loss. The taste of hot water may not suit your taste buds, prompting you to add flavorings, caffeine or sugar. While adding flavoring doesn't alter all the benefits provided by the hot water, it may cause weight gain, depending on what you add to the hot water.


The biggest benefit from drinking any form of water, hot or cold, is hydration for your body

Weight Loss

While any type of water can provide your body with hydration, hot water may help you lose weight or maintain your current weight. “Hot water may increase body temperature and therefore increase the metabolic rate slightly,” states Dr. Michael Wald


Hot water may decrease the number of infections you suffer from. Boiled water decreases the number of bacterial organisms found in water, making hot water superior to room temperature or cold water by reducing your exposure to opportunistic infections

Chinese Medicine Standpoint

The theory of Chinese Medicine and its Yin-Yang philosophy states that you should drink warm water, about the same temperature as the body, because hot water and cold water throw off the balance of your body, explains Dr. Gui Chao Wu

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