Tuesday, May 14, 2013

11 Things Your Boss Won't Tell You

1. The company is in troubleThere are rumours of redundancies and tough financial times ahead. Until things are really dire, we’re likely to remain tight-lipped.
2. I'm busy worrying about me, not youWe're busy doing our own job, so if you need help, training or support, you have to let us know. "Take responsibility. The best advice I ever received was manage up," says recruitment manager Justin Babet, "so tell your boss what you need from them."
3. Dress to impressJust because the workplace has a casual dress code, it doesn't mean you should dress like a slob. If you speak with firm command, you will be seen as authoritative and if you arrive early and act keen, you'll be perceived as a hard worker. So dress, act and talk for the position you want, not the one you're in.
4. You're too keenJust as bad as lazy workers are the painfully over-eager ones. We don't want to spend time listening to your wild plans to improve the company or find extra projects for you to work on.
5. Your best career move is not in my best interestYou may be well and truly ready for a step up the company ladder, but if you are excelling in your current position, we'd probably prefer it if you stayed exactly where you are. "Make sure you create your own succession plan," says Justin Babet.
6. You smellWe detest having to pull an employee aside and tell them there have been complaints made about their scent. Remember the deodorant and avoid making us, or your colleagues, feel awkward.
7. Solutions not problemsDon't come marching into my office with a problem if you haven't got any suggestions about how to fix it. That's called whinging. "If you truly want change, come prepared with some ideas," says Babet.
8. You deserve a pay riseIf you feel you are due more money or a promotion, be proactive and ask for it. Don't wait around for us to pat you on the back and make the offer. It's not going to happen.
9. You run your personal life from your deskWe will rarely pull you aside if you are always on Facebook, eBay or the phone organising your personal life, but do you honestly think we don't notice? Rest assured we do!
10. Stand your groundDon't let people dump work on you. If you can delegate and are capable of being assertive, we'll be impressed and see you as management potential. Respect is more important than popularity.
11. You should resignDo you feel like you've hit a dead end in your current position? Unless you're seriously under performing, don't wait for us to show you the door.