Thursday, December 20, 2012

Good News

Been avoiding certain foods because of their bad reputation? Here's why you should have a go a these supposedly bad foods.


We avoid eggs believing that eating them will increase our cholesterol levels.  However, researchers at Wake Forest University, USA, have found no connection between heart disease and the number of eggs eaten daily.  Eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals and can even help prevent eye diseases.


Most shun milk because of its high fat content, but our bodies cannot absorb calcium from the milk when there's no fat involved.  Females are more prone to osteoporosis when we are old, so calcium is essential.


Butter has a bad rep for being fattening but between butter and margarine, pick butter as margarine can contain more trans fat, which can increase the risk in heart diseases. The good fat in butter actually helps your body absorb antioxidants and vitamins from all vegetables.

Source : Cleo Magazine


  1. Wah! Bagusnya. Makan telur banyak pun takpe. Hihi. Susu. Alahai. Nak minum tak suka. Mesti keluarkan balik. Hihi :) Nice info btw.

  2. jom pakat2 makan fav tu :)