Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tips on Choosing Lamps for Living Room

Use table lamps dotted around the outside edges of the room on shelves and tables. They'll radiate light inwards, making the room feel spacious yet cosy.

Adapt your central overhead light so that it doesn't cast unflattering shadows. Either extend its flex - a simple job - and screw a cup hook into the ceiling so you can clip it out of the way, or put in low-voltage light to detract attention from it.

If your house already has a ceiling rose, it might look a bit strange without a light. Make a feature of it by hanging a spectacular decorative light and boost light levels elsewhere.

Use wall washers to give a good level of illumination, but remember that the light reflected back will be tinted by whatever shade your walls are - you don't want a sickly green pallor.

Position a freestanding uplighter or standard lamp behind the sofa.

Mount wall lights beside features that won't be moving - in alcoves, for example, or on either side of a fireplace.

For romance or entertaining, use a real fire and candlelight supplemented by wall lights dimmed to their lowest setting.

Commission a lighting designer to install a digital lighting display, which changes colour in timed sequences or in response to music.

Install a voice-activated system so you can command your lights to switch on and off.

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