Friday, September 28, 2012

Campus Election

PETALING JAYA: Universiti Malaya's (UM) Pro-Mahasiswa students want to disqualify four campus polls winners, claiming they were ineligible to contest in the first place. The students are also seeking to disqualify another candidate, who will be standing as a candidate in a new election on Friday. Pro-Mahasiswa UM acting chairman Syis Abdul Kadir claimed that the candidates should be disqualified as they were in their last stages of their studies. “The university's constitution states that 'The members of the Undergraduates' Reptesentatives Council and its office bearers shall be elected for one year'. “This means that these students are not eligible to be representatives as they will complete their studies after their final examinations in June. “We urge the vice-chancellor to disqualify these candidates... we are prepared to drag this case to court if the university does not give a positive response,” he said in a statement on Thursday. UM held its campus polls on Sept 25. The Pro-Mahasiswa captured 20 seats while 19 went to the Pro-Aspirasi with independent candidates bagging two seats.
Another two seats were tied. The university will hold a re-election for these two seats on Friday and announce the final results of the overall polls on the same day. When contacted, Syis claimed that Pro-Mahasiswa went through the required university procedure of protesting campus polls winners.
“We protested against these candidates during the nominations itself, but we were unsuccessful. “This time the administration promised to hold a proceeding with the appeals committee to hear our protest, but it never happened,” he claimed.

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