Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Knowledge vs Wisdom

NEWS: Boy’s neck trapped between bed rails

MALACCA: Firemen had to be called in after a four-year-old boy managed to get his neck trapped between the steel rails of his bed.

Mohd Amirul Syahir Amir Hamzah endured 25 minutes of agony in the 2.50pm incident at his home in Lorong Solok Tambak, Balai Panjang, here.

Rafidah Aman, 33, said her youngest son was playing with his elder brother Mohd Amirul Syafiq, six.

“I was in the toilet when I heard a loud scream before discovering that my son’s neck was trapped in between the rails.

“My attempts to free him were futile,” she said.

Rafidah said she called the emergency line while her son continued to yell in pain.

When the firemen arrived, they found it hard to retract the rails and had to use a cutter to free him.

Source : The Star Online

Thursday, October 23, 2014

10 facts you didn’t know about nuts

Source : The Star Online

10 facts you didn’t know about nuts in a nutshell.

1. Cashew nut shells are poisonous which explains why cashew nuts are sold without their shells. They actually belong to the poison ivy family.
2. Pistachio is actually a fruit. They have been classified as a fruit not just because of their colour but also because it contains chlorophyll.
3. Peanut is the only nut that grows underground. The other nuts grow on trees or plants.
4. Nuts can be used as a thickening agent (eg: in curries). Just soak them in water and blend together to form a paste to add into your dish.
5. Macadamias are poisonous to dogs. So, avoid feeding them to dogs because it can be fatal. It will cause paralysis and muscle tremor.
6. Chestnuts have the lowest fat and calorie content while macadamias have the highest. Nonetheless, these are saturated fats – the healthier fats.
7. Ground walnut shells can be used for cleaning old brass while the nut itself can be used to remove scratches on wooden furnitures. Just rub a walnut against your scratched furniture and voila, it is good as new!
8. Among all the nuts, walnuts have the highest content of omega-3 fatty acids. So, it is time to add more walnuts to your diet.
9. Some paints contain walnut shells because it helps add texture.
10. Lastly, no, coconuts are not nuts.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stockholm Syndrome

Jalan-jalan Shopping

Kita semua masing-masing mesti ada fav spot untuk jalan-jalan dan shopping kan..especially kaum hawa ler, shopping mmg sebati dengan jiwa kitaorg..hahah..mcm suki sejak dari dulu smpi skrg mmg ler teramat suka shopping di The Curve...terutama Street Market dia tu..mcm2 barang dijual situ..semua cantik, menarik dan yang penting murah..ada aksesori, baju, skirt, beg, cookies, lukisan dan mcm2 lagi...walaupun setiap stall barang2 nya terhad tp setiap barang mmg dah terpilih..jadi takde masalah yg ini cantik yg ini tak cantik..semua cantik di mata suki..agaknya mata suki je kot..sbb i suka shopping..jom sape nak teman shopping lg.. =)